The Touch Of Faith

We have recently in our messages seen Jesus as a Sower and a Sleeper and today as a Healer. (Sanador). Mark 5:21 Jesus has now passed back to the NW shore of Galilee. He was not well received in the Gadarenes. He is now going back where the gospel will be better received.
He is met by a ruler of the synagogue Jairus, who had a very ill daughter. We all care about our children. We want to do anything for them. His religion was worthless to help. His family. His friends, the same. He came to the One he had heard who could help. Mark 5:23 – his faith.
On the way …. Mark 5:24

  1. Reaching To Jesus. The problem of this woman: Mark 5:25-26 She had an incurable issue / disease. She had tried all things. All ways to save herself. (Ophrah Winfrey – many ways to heaven. NOT!) Acts 4:12; John 14:6 – When she heard about Jesus Mark 5:27-28
  2. Renewed by Faith. Her FAITH.
    Her HEALING! Mark 5:29-30 This is how Jesus works.
    IMPORTANT note: She was in a crowd. It is not enough to just be in the crowd or near proximity. She reached out and touched. She reached out in faith. That faith saved her. Mark 5:31-34 – She confessed the whole truth. What a testimony! Luke 12:8-9
  3. Raised by Faith. NOW. Faith on Faith!
    Mark 5:35 – Still work to do.
    Mark 5:36- No Fear. Just Believe.
    Mark 5:37 – Bringing the inner circle. Peter James John. (1st mention)
    Mark 5:38 – Weeping – eastern sign of death.
    Mark 5:39-40 – the world is today laughing and ridiculing all that is Christ and Christian. Churches are closed. Pastors are going against pastors. Churches against churches. etc. Mark 5:41-43 Only Jesus can raise the dead.

It is time to take your spiritually temperature. Your health. Just as the woman – we all had what was terminal. Nothing else can cure us. We can look to wherever else. Nothing. Only Jesus. Don’t just hang out in the crowd. That won’t help you.

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