Faith. It is Easy to Say

Our study for today is very, very important to all of us. It is about our faith. For many people – especially those of us in churches our faith extremely important. So, if faith is important, what type of faith is the right type of faith? Is your faith real or false? Is your faith living or dead? Is your faith one of form? Is it a faith of fact? Is it a faith of fruit? Are words enough to prove your faith? What do we look for to see if our faith is real? Well all of these questions are important. And all need to be answered. Let us see if we can find some answers:

  1. James 2:14-16 . Is it enough to say we have faith? Can that faith save? What does it profit? verse 14 To have just a “say so faith”. Faith without works has no benefit and nothing. What does it profit. v 16
  2. What is the example given for a working faith? James 2:15-16
  3. A faith like the demons have is no good. James 5:17-20. No Good.
  4. A faith that can be seen. James 2:21-25
  5. A faith that is perfect and complete. James 2:22

So what about your faith? Is it real? Is it like that of those who say be warmed and filled. v 16 Is it better than demons? v 19 Is it like Abrahams’? Justified. Recognized. Verified.

Is it like Rahab’s faith? V25 Is your faith one that is living or dead?
One thing is sure James 2:26; 18
Let us examine our faith right now. Let us begin to show others our faith by our works.
They are watching. God is watching.

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