A Life Changed!

Just following the great display of His power over nature and the disciples declaration of “Quien es esta?” And their realization of His power. Mark 5:1.

He met a man. Today is father’s day here in the US. We celebrate fathers. We want to uplift men. So much in our day denigrates and diminishes manhood and fatherhood. It is shameful. I considered other possibilities for messages. the Bible has many tremendous passages that uplift, admonish and direct men on Fatherhood. However, since we are presently preaching through the gospel of Mark and as I studied these verses I could not help but allow the truth of this chapter to impact my own life and therefore I want to try to convey what spoke to my heart of this passage. It is about a man. The Scripture doesn’t tell us that he was a father – but all fathers are men before they are fathers. So if we want to come to some truths at the root of men and fathers … let us continue.

  1. Notice where he came out from. “The tombs”. Without doing damage to Scripture I think we could consider where we all come from. We often say, man is not broken. He is dead! We are living dead. Walking dead.
  2. Notice what was within him. “With an unclean spirit”. Luke 9:55. He had not been renewed. Eph 4:23. He had not been renewed yet.
  3. Notice how it affected him. Vs 3-4 Unbound. We think we are free but really we are bound in sin. We are wild. This is the spirit of our age.
  4. Notice what he was doing. Vs 5. Speaking out. Shouting out. No control. Many examples of this in our day and times.
  5. Then Jesus passed by. The point is … the demons recognized Jesus. James 2:19. They recognized His deity. Do you? They recognize their end. Hell. Jude 1:6. Mark 5:10-14 Jesus can take the demons out of your life. He can make you a new man / woman. Heb 7:25. Ezk 36:26
  6. Notice the effect this has upon the man. Mark 5:15 What a great change. Mark 5:16. Others will see the difference. Our homes, our children need FATHERS. It caused concern. They don’t even want Jesus around. (If Jesus returns we will crucify Him again)
  7. The changed man wanted to follow Jesus. Mark 5:19 Do you? Here is what Jesus said. Tell others. We need men who lead their families, their communities. Mark 5:20. Here is what the man did. Decapolis.
    All men did marvel. Want a great fathers day that we all can enjoy – be a changed man. Tell others what Jesus has done in your life.

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