Equality & The Church

We looked at favoritism (favoritismo) in James 2:1 last week. We pointed out 3 thoughts: Relationship “brethren” Royal Law “faith of our Lord of glory” and Respect of Persons. Today we go into James 2:2-13 if we can understand further this issue of racism, equality and other. This problem was evident in the early church in their day and it is in our church and world.

As we begin in verse 2 it will help us to understand things about the church or synagogue of the first century. (The seating of was on benches in the front and around the outside wall. These were for the prominent attenders. Others sat on the floor. And some were definitely discriminated against. So since we are especially speaking to the church, how can we address and pinpoint the problems that bring about respect of persons and inequality.

  1. Distortion – Verse 3 – They would come dressed! Rings on every finger. Bright clothing. According to their position they would be seated and lord over others. There is a distortion about equality. All are equal before God. We all matter to God. All colors. Rich and poor. Young and old. Equal respect is due to all.
  2. Discrimination – Verse 4 – Don’t be like the world. They show their partiality. It shows their true nature. They like to judge others. Their thoughts are evil. Jer 17:9
  3. Dishonoring – Verse 5 – 6 Listen. God is speaking to His family. (“Beloved brethren”) God wants attention. He wants us to know God chose the poor. Luke 6:20; 1 Cor 1:26-31. Rich in faith. Why should we despise those who God chooses? We dishonor God when we oppress them.
  4. Depravation – All humanity is depraved. Not just broken. Dead. James 2:7-10 It shows when we blaspheme the noble Name of the Lord. We break the royal law. Matt 22:37 We oppress the poor. We show favoritism. We commit SIN. We are convicted as transgressors of the law.
  5. Definition – James 2:11-13 We need to be defined as law keepers. Some boast of all the good things they do but want to cover up the things of which they are guilty. We cannot pick and choose our sins.
    We need to be defined by what we speak and by what we do. Bottom line. Be defined by MERCY. It is a time to tell and show the mercy of God to the world.

We have a Spanish ministry. Just like Americans, Spanish speaking people come in all colors and cultures. We need to lead the way for Mercy and acceptance.

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