What Manner of Man Is This?

We have just seen Jesus teaching on letting our light shine and not hiding it under a basket or under the bed. We saw His teaching of the sowing of the seed and the growing of the seed. Then He compared the Kingdom of God growing from the size of the smallest seed to a great tree. Today we come to Mark 4:35-41 where Jesus leaves the great multitudes He has been teaching and healing all day to travel to the other side where the towns are smaller and the crowds will not be so large.

We see Jesus calling them to pass over to the other side to give others the opportunity to hear of salvation. They take Him in the boat, the Bible says, just as He was.

1. TEMPEST We will all come into times in our life when Satan attacks us when troubles comes. These may well be times to try us, to try our faith. Mark 4:37 In the tempest, possibly even a whirlwind or hurricane like storm in this lake surrounded by mountains storms come up quickly. The waves were passing over the boat. It was filling with water. It was beginning to sink. What a picture of many of the storms of life that come our way and seem to sink our boat.

2. TRYING The interesting thing is this: Jesus was in the boat. Jesus was asleep. He was tired from the days activities. He was not awakened by the storm, the winds or the water. This is where we find a great lesson to each of us. Mark 4:38 Does Jesus care? They knew Him, but they didn’t know about His care for them and His power over natural elements. What is your understanding and estimate of Jesus. Philippians 3:10.

But Jesus stood and rebuked the wind and the sea. Mark 4:39 The command was given to both elements and immediately obeyed by both. Nothing can sink the boat if Jesus is in it. An added or extra lesson or thought. Even when Jesus was asleep, they were safe. Even when He was doing nothing He was in control and it is the same in our lives.

So Jesus says to them: Mark 4:40 Why do you lack faith? I think we can all recognize that faith and fear are placed together here in this powerful lesson. Our fear will be in the proportion of our faith. Less faith. More fear. More faith. Less fear.

3. TESTIMONY They had seen Jesus having power over the issues of physical lives. Now they see Mark 4:41 that Jesus has power over nature. And they say What manner of man is this that even the winds and the waves obey his voice. Their understanding of Jesus and their estimate of Jesus is growing through the storm and the way Jesus works. How about yours?

Take Aways:

#1 We need to have absolute confidence in Jesus. He has finished the work for our salvation. He can do anything. #2 We need to trust Him even when He is “asleep” or seeming to do nothing. #3 Make sure Jesus is in you boat. Are you saved? 100% trust in Christ for your eternal life? What about your daily life? Can you trust Him? If you can’t you do not know what manner of Man He is.

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