What Do You See In The Mirror?

Recently in our study through the book of James we have learned how The Word of God is the means of regeneration, of saving our souls. (James 1:18) We have also seen how that is the vehicle for Christian growth. (James 1:21)

  1. Disillusioned. Today we want to see how the Word of God necessary to our lives not just as hearers, but as doers. James 1:22; Matt 7:21-28 We could say it is about Gospel obedience. Are you doing or are you deceived? A professor asked his Bible class. “What do you do with the commands in the Bible?” A little old lady raised her hand and said, “I underline them in blue.” What do you do with the Word of God? Are you only a hearer or are you a doer? You may think all is good in your life as a hearer, but if you are not doing or obeying the Word you are deceived and disillusioned.
  2. Deception. How does this deception happen? The illustration given here about looking in a mirror. Just like a mirror the Word i reflects man’s defects (James 1:23) The wording is if he stoops down – looks into the mirror. (In Bible days they didn’t have mirrors like we have with clear images. They used beaten metal or bronze. It was not clear. But the word of God is clear and as we look into it we can clearly see the way God would have us live and the things He would have us do.
  3. Disobedient. (James 1:24) Sees his face (birth) and wanders away and forgets. He forgets what he has seen. He is not serious. God’s word reveals what is inside.
  4. Determined. (James 1:25) We see the Word of God as the guide for Christian living (James 1:25; 2:8), and we are ready to do it. To obey. Determined to follow the Word as the standard for judgment. (James 2:12).

Conclusion: Are you looking in the mirror of God’s word today. It is the way of salvation. Rom 10:17; 1 Pet 1:23 Friend are you saved? Do you have assurance of salvation? Christian have you wandered away from the Word? Hearing but not doing? Decieved? Disobedient? Disilusionado? Or are you Dispuesto to obey y be blessed. Disponible to serve?
What important questions for your life.

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