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Three Dichotomies of Mark 3

May 3, 2020

Intro:  We are continuing our preaching from the Gospel of Mark today. These are amazing verses that give us insight into the life, ministry and messages of our Lord. We are preaching from the last half of chapter three today.  In these verses Jesus is teaching some powerful and important truths that are extremely necessary for us. In His teaching Jesus often uses parables. In Mark 3 Jesus uses at least 3 dichotomies for His teaching. A Dichotomy is a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

In our text today we see Jesus and His disciples very busy to the point they cannot even have time to eat. Mark 3:19-20. Things were rough for them. We are having some tough times today too. Maybe not to busy – maybe not busy enough. But in the midst of all this the Scribes show up (an ancient Jewish record-keeper or, later, a professional theologian and jurist.) These Scribes attacked them. Mark 3:22. As Christians we get attacked for our faith. Many times those attacks are difficult. We need to be ready for them. Mat 10:25; John 15:20; Mark 3:30; 2 Tim 3:12 As Christians we are in the kingdom of Christ. It is always under attack since the beginning.

TWO KINGDOMS.  Here we see the dichotomy of two kingdoms. What a division here. But Jesus had an answer for them. Mark 3:23. We need to have biblical answers for our critics. And He used it as a teaching moment. Mark 3:23. Parables were often used by Jesus to present the contrasts between good things and bad. Wrong things and right things. Here is a stark contrast between Christ’s kingdom and Satan’s Kingdom. Kingdoms divided cannot stand. Churches divided cannot stand. Families divided cannot stand. Mark 3:24-25

We need to understand that Satan and his kingdom is on the attack. Job 1:6-7 1 Pet 5:8
Mark 3:26 What does satan want to do? John 10:10a. He wants to spoil God’s kingdom. He does this by imitation, intimidation, interruption and more ways. Mark 3:27.

What a contrast. But King Jesus is on our side. When He comes into our lives He can bind the strong man. Rom 16:20; Heb 2:14-15; Rom 8:37 – The next dichotomy is this …

TWO ETERNITIES.  Mark 3:28-29 In these verses Jesus mentions the important question of eternity. I think everyone thinks about eternity. In fact the Bible says in Eccl 3:11. Everyone will spend eternity one of two places. Heaven or hell. Every soul without christ is in danger of eternal damnation. Those who willfully blaspheme against the work of the Holy Spirit to bring truth and life faces damnation. Only Jesus can bring salvation. Don’t waste your opportunity. Don’t deny the work of salvation He wants to do in your life. Don’t give up the opportunity to have eternal life because you push Him away to try to find your own salvation. Hebrews 6:4-6. —- That brings us to the 3rd dichotomy in this chapter Mark 3:31-35  — Here we have …

TWO FAMILIES.  Here we see the dichotomy of two families.  I love my family. They are very precious to me. I am sure the Lord loved His family too. His mother Mary had raised Him. During those 30 silent years before His public ministry I am sure the entire family grew very close. But we have no biblical records of this. But here in our text in vs 31 we see His mother and sisters came to see Him. And with this timely visit Jesus teaches a tremendously important lesson with this question: Who is my family? And He answered His own question –  Whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my family.  Here is where we see this dichotomy, this contrast. There are nearly 2.5 billion people who claim to be in the Christian family now.  There are about 15 or so countries that say Christianity is their state religion. But truly how many of these people are true Christians?  Here we see the contrast.  Mark 3:35 – This really narrows the number of real Christians from those in name only.  Which family are you in? Mark 3:35 Jesus made a decisive and comprehensive statement on true Christian discipleship. Such discipleship involves a spiritual relationship that transcends the physical family and is open to all who are empowered by the Spirit of God to come to Christ in repentance and faith and enabled to live a life of obedience to God’s word.

Conclusion: So today our realities are the dichotomies of 2 Kingdoms, 2 Eternities and 2 Families. You can’t have both. Which kingdom? Christ’s or Satan’s? Which Eternity? Eternity in heaven? Eternal of damnation in hell? Which family? Family of the devil, the world or family of God? Not just in name – but doing the will of the Father.