Jesus In Times Of Crisis


Mark 3:1-8  Today we want to continue our preaching from Mark’s Gospel. Today we are in Mark chapter 3. This has been a wonderful study and has allowed us to see many things about our Lord Jesus Christ, His ministry, His messages and His miracles. Today we look at one of His miracles – the healing of the man with a withered hand. And more specifically we will look at the action work of our Lord and how it still relates to our lives today, especially during these times.
Our text: Mark 3:1-14 We will not read it all to conserve our time, but please read the entire passage on your own. But do look now at Mark 3:1-3

1.  “Stand Forth”. Notice these words: Stand forth! “Levántate y ponte en medio.” Here was a man in serious conditions. He has tremendous inability. He, in many ways is helpless. He cannot work. As to his problem – he could do nothing to help himself – to change his situation.

It is not so much unlike our own situation today. Some are better and some worse. But all are needy. We have all been crippled by sin. This has limited us. We are crippled by the fall. We can do nothing to save ourselves. Titus 3:5; Ephesians 2:8-9.  Jesus is here today and desires to help each of us in our needs. He calls for us to STAND FORTH. Levantate y ponte en medio. During this crisis or whatever crisis of our lives Jesus calls us to rise up. Too many are fearful. Crippled.

2.  “Stretch forth”  But Jesus knows what to do for us. He says Mark 3:5 Stretch forth your hand. Extiende tu mano. Jesus has the solution to your need. Whatever your need – extiende – stretch it out to Jesus. Hold your need out to Him. If you keep it to yourself you will have no help. You will go on and continue in your crisis. This man did what Jesus commanded and the problem was gone. When Jesus took care of this man the religious crowd was ready to destroy Him. That too has happened. Many want to take Jesus out of everything. Out of government. Out of schools. Our of our lives. As a result of the treatment of Jesus he withdrew Himself. (Mark 3:6-7) Jesus likewise has withdrawn (retirado). We rarely know of the spirit of revival in our nation. Nor in many of our churches. The coldness and powerlessness in all areas of our lives is certainly due to the fact that Jesus retirado. We need power. We need revival. We need Jesus but because of our attitudes toward Him He withdraws.

3. “Send Forth” Mark 3:13-14 In the midst of these interesting days in Jesus calls and ordains His disciples. There is a great message to us in this work of Jesus. Jesus wanted to spend time with His disciples. He has given us this opportunity to spend more time with Him. I believe that this is a work He wants to do in our day as well. The devil wants to work the evil and pandemonium that is taking place to hinder the church in her evangelism. Churches are suffering from closed doors. Pastors are struggling to get their messages out to the members and beyond. It is an unusual time. Even with extra time to read our Bibles, study and grow spiritually many are perhaps moved to backslide. (reincidir) Go back on Christ. Loose their faithfulness. Grow cold to the things of the Lord. Is this happening to you. Are you growing and going forward or are you loosing ground.

Just as Jesus called and ordained His disciples so Jesus wants to continue to expand and grow His people and His church. He is calling. He wants to send. He wants us to go and make disciples. Matthew 28:19-20. He needs us to obey, to go, to speak, to work. Will you?

Friend. Today see your need. 1- What crisis do you face? Jesus calls you to Himself? Matthew 11:28. 2 – Give your burden to the Lord. 1 Peter 5:7 Psalm 55:22 3- Listen to the calling of the Lord for this time. You are needed. Christ is calling. Are you a believer? Are you sure of heaven. Call out for mercy. Are you serving? Step up today. Let Christ direct your life. Be a part of the solution and not the problem. Let God work in your life during this crisis.



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